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Surf Shop in Spain

Sustainable surf products & local longboards from Spain in San Vicente de la Barquera.

Discover our unique surf shop in San Vicente de la Barquera. We love surfing, the environment and especially longboard surfing!

Surf Shop Spain

in San Vicente de la Barquera

Sustainable surf products & local longboards from Spain

Discover our unique surf shop in San Vicente de la Barquera. We love surfing, the environment and especially longboard surfing!

surf shop event surfskate

Our surf shop focuses on quality and tailor-made service!

  • You will find what you are looking for if you:

    • want to rent or buy a single-fin longboard
    • want to rent a longboard softboard with single-fin or as thruster
    • need sustainable surf products like ear plugs, fins or leashes
    • browse through our surf book collection while you drink a coffee speciality in our Chill-Area
    • or dive deeper into the surf culture and meet other surfers at our surf events.

Longboard surf shop from elementsurf

The elementsurf surf shop was founded by a team of passionate surfers who have a great love for the Cantabrian region.

We started as a small surf camp with big dreams and now we can look back on more than 14 years of successful surf school experience and many happy faces.

Visit our surf shop in Spain and benefit from our know-how and the attentive guidance we would have liked to find ourselves while learning this wonderful sport!

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Longboard Surfboards from Spain

In cooperation with Longboard with amigos, we are especially happy to be able to offer you first-class single-fin longboards at fair prices, which have been developed by and for longboarders! In our surf shop you can rent test boards and also buy the brand new versions of the longboards. If your desired board is not available or not available in your desired colour, we can deliver it within a week! These longboards are perfect for beginners and intermediates who want to progress quickly. The local designer and shaper of these boards, Ruben Fuente, has many years of experience in longboarding and teaching and knows exactly what will help you progress the fastest and have the most fun!

Longboard surf shop Highlights:

  • Free board rental with the purchase of a longboard surfboard

  • Local brand from Spain

  • Focus of the Surfboard shapes for Beginners & Intermediates

  • 2nd hand surfboard resale

  • surboards und neoprenanzuege
  • elementsurf shop

Equipment rental

You can already handle the waves well on your own or you want to practise a bit more after your surf course? Then we have the right equipment for you!

We rent out a wide variety of surfboards, from soft tops to NSP hard tops to first-class single-fin longboards from Longboard with Amigos! We also have wetsuits in all sizes and thicknesses to protect you from the sun or the cold.

Just drop by our shop! We will be happy to advise you on the perfect equipment for your needs

Surfboard repair station in San Vicente de la Barquera

Surf shop Service: Board repair

If you have “shredded” too much and need a professional repair for your board, you can simply drop it off in our surf shop and we will take care of the rest!

Our local shaper will pick it up and get all the necessary information from us. As soon as it’s fit for the waves and back in our shop, we’ll contact you and you can pick it up for your next surf session!

Surf lessons
with elementsurf

Our surf lessons are taught by highly trained and certified surf instructors who have a lot of experience and know the area like the back of their hand. We offer private surf lessons as well as group lessons in different languages.

Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps or an advanced surfer looking to improve your technique, we can help you find the best type and duration of surf lessons for your needs! Our surf lessons focus on quality, which is why we also include the necessary background theory and even video analysis in most courses.

longboarder beach

Book a longboard surf course

If longboard surfing is your passion or you’ve always dreamed of learning how to dance on the waves, we know exactly how you feel!

We offer specialised equipment and longboard courses led by surf instructors with a lot of experience and passion for the sport. The courses are held in small groups to guarantee personal attention and lots of fun! For a safe start you will be equipped with soft tops and for advanced surfers in private courses we have single-fin hard tops which are specially designed to ensure fast and safe progress.

surf holiday in oyambre

Longboard course highlights

Surf shop mission:

Meeting place by and for surfers

Surfboard and longboard rental in surf shop in San Vicente de la Barquera

Our surf shop stands for mutual respect and social community based on a caring and diverse surf culture. We support local businesses and non-profits like Surf Nature Alliance, which cares for our environment, or Amigas Surfistas, which works to empower women. But most of all, we want to create a place where surfers and female surfers can meet, socialise and share stories. In our shop you can comfortably have a coffee while getting to know our passionate crew or other surfers!

Surf shop events

Our regular events, organised by and for surfers of all kinds, are a great way to meet other surfers and travellers or to dive deeper into surf culture! Throughout the season, we host various events about the art of surfing or longboarding, the materials involved, complementary training methods and much more. Of course, art and music events as well as events on the topic of the environment are not to be missed. If you are an artist and are looking for a place to present your work, or if you have something else to offer the surf community, please contact us!

Environmentally friendly & regional surf shop products

Our products are selected with love, care and ecological awareness (with a focus on our oceans). We especially try to support regional companies.

If you have lost a fin or your fin key, your leash broke or you forgot your zinc stick at home, we will help you out. We also have a great collection of books on surf culture and some handicrafts made by local manufacturers. And if you want to do something good for the environment by buying a used surfboard, you’ll find it in our quiver of 2nd-hand surfboards.

Surf shop Highlights

  • Small but fine product selection

  • Sustainable & local products

  • Surf events

  • Meeting place for longboarders

  • Products from non-profit associations

  • English & German surf books

Surf shop selection

Square Tail Longboard surfboard

Square Tail Longboard Surfboard

Are you looking for a longboard surfboard for beginners to practice your cross-step and experience your first epic noserides? Then visit us in our shop in San Vicente de la Barquera and check out the Square Tail Longboards from ‘longboard with amigos’. Available in different sizes (9’2, 9’4 & 9’6).

Pin Tail Longboard with amigos surfboard

Pin Tail Longboard Surfboard

You are a newcomer to longboard surfing and plan to surf spots that are typically known for their bigger waves? Then the Pin Tail Longboard from ‘longboard with amigos’ can be the right choice for you to train demanding manoeuvres like a drop-knee turn. Visit us in our shop and check out our longboards! Available in different sizes (9’2, 9’4 & 9’6).

Boards und Neos

Get advice on our (second hand) boards in our shop. Wetsuits from O’Neill are available for rent in various sizes and thicknesses.

Surfganic – Surf socks

Our boardsocks with padded nose-pad protect your boards from small dents and you from wax residues.

The bags are available for sizes from 6.6 fish to 8.6 longboard.

ecopro cork front pad

Cork front pad

The EcoPro front pad made from cork residue gives you a strong and natural grip on the board.

Cork trees used in the production process bind more CO₂ than is emitted during the manufacturing process.

Collective – Fins

By buying these fins made from recycled fishing nets, you make an active contribution to plastic waste and CO₂ reduction.

Effect for you: very durable and sustainable fins.

Bracenet – Bracelets

Each Bracenet made by the Hamburgers is unique and frees the oceans from ghost nets. Wear a piece of upcycled fishing net with our element logo.


Keep yourself safe in the water and protect the oceans with the recycled Eco Surf Leash. Simply replace broken parts of the leash with a Fin-tool.

Greenfix – Surf Wax

Produced near Biarritz in the Basque Country, Greenfix wax is made from 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients.  For example, no petrochemical paraffin waxes are used, no soy wax and no palm oil.

Suntribe – Zinc Sun Stick

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this zinc sun stick protects you from the sun in big waves and is safe for coral reefs.

Used by professional athletes worldwide and guaranteed not to leave your fingers sticky or your eyes burning.

Rebel – Fins

By buying these fins made from recycled fishing nets, you make an active contribution to plastic waste and CO₂ reduction.

Effect for you: very durable and sustainable fins.

Collective Fish Surfboard

Surf shop Spain: our surroundings

San Vicente De La Barquera is a tranquil and peaceful town during the winter season. However, it becomes a bustling tourist hub during the summer months due to its long sandy beaches and good infrastructure. The town is located in the Oyambre Nature Park and offers stunning views of the Picos de Europa mountain range. The historical center of the town is dominated by the ancient Castillo del Rey, which is over 700 years old. The town offers a wide range of facilities, including shops, bars, and restaurants, making it a popular destination for tourists.

snow covered picos de europa in san vicente de la barquera

Additionally, the town is known for its excellent surfing spots, which cater to surfers of all skill levels. The Playa de Merón is the most popular surfing spot and offers a beautiful right-hand wave. The beach is ideal for short and longboard surfers, and beginners can also enjoy the gentle waves. The town also offers a wide range of accommodations for tourists, including camping sites and bungalows. The El Rosal campsite is highly recommended for those who want to stay close to the surf spots. It is located only ten minutes from the town center and offers stunning views of the Ría de San Vicente. The campsite is surrounded by pine trees and offers shaded camping plots and bungalows with sea views.

Finally, San Vicente De La Barquera is easily accessible by bus from Santander, Bilbao, and other major cities, making it a convenient and attractive destination for tourists.

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